Erin Coffee


It all started when...

Erin is 21 years old and currently studying Journalism at Indiana University-Southeast. Her dream job would be as a writer and editor for her own publishing company. She’s been writing stories since the age of four and reading even before that. She hopes to one day have her own personal library. 


For Yes Louisville, Erin writes lifestyle and positivity pieces. You can also find her work published in the Voice-Tribune. She loves using her talents to spread encouragement to others. 


Her friends would probably describe her as the “mom friend” who laughs at her own jokes. She attends Sojourn Midtown church on Sundays and this is her happy place. She’s obsessed with personality tests (including the ones that tell you which cheese you are), Harry Potter, and trying new things. Her favorite past-times are hiking, hanging out with friends, and teaching herself to play the ukulele. She also loves quoting SNL skits and watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon reruns on YouTube.