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How I Use My iPhone: Part 1- Communication

How I Use My iPhone: Part 1- Communication

I love technology. I’m kind of a nerd in that sense. I’ve always been that way, looking for the newest gadgets that do the coolest things. Sometimes putting insane amounts of effort into setting up said gadgets that were billed as time savers in their product pages. I’ve grown up in an interesting time for technology because so much of what we have around us now is the result of many different companies getting into the game to figure out what people want. Phones, tablets, computers, laptops, watches, glasses, iron man suits. Whatever.

It seems that now, 10 years after the launch of the iPhone, we can finally sit here and say “ok. This is the stuff that is sticking.” And I like that. I’ve been stepping up my game in the last few months by learning what apps work and don’t work for me to be productive and effective in my day to day. Notice I said effective, not efficient. I’m a big believer in identifying the most important things to do which leads to being effective, versus doing the wrong things quickly or easily. Effective > Efficient.

We all carry around a device that allows us to access all the world’s information. So the issue isn’t so much about having the information we need as it is being able to ask the right questions.That’s a whole nother subject, though. Right now we’re going to focus on how I maximize my iPhone to be productive. I think that some of these tips can be put in place in your life and might help you save some time. If YOU have a tip that I haven’t covered, please chime in! I’d love to hear it.

I’ve been thinking about how the iPhone has been woven into my life. It really is such an amazing device. For me, there are 4 categories that I really maximize its use: Communication, Productivity, News & Entertainment, and Content Creation. I think that this spread is probably pretty universal so I think that it’s a good jumping off point.

Communication is number one with any phone or device and, for me, it is the reason that I have an iPhone specifically. The iMessages feature is hands down the best way to send short messages to an individual or a group quickly and with minimal loss. You can send a text, voice memo, pictures, video or handwriting. All from the messages app. It’s great. And completely underrated.

Then there is email. We all rely on it and on some level we all hate it. But you can do it better. I use an app called Airmail and I chose it for one reason. They have a Mac app as well. This lets me keep all my accounts in iCloud and lets me sync everything. If I delete something on my phone I don't have to worry about it not being deleted on my MacBook. Beyond the continuity, there are productivity hacks that they have baked-in in the form of the email ‘snooze’. I like to describe it like this- if i get an email on Saturday for something that I am working with on Monday, I can ‘snooze’ the email so that it notifies me on Monday when I’m working on the corresponding project. It’s fantastic, and it doesn’t rely on me having to look anything up or create a reminder in another app. It syncs with my Google Drive for easy file sharing and download also.

I can’t stress the importance of choosing your email app more. We get so bombarded with emails throughout the day that if we don’t manage how we receive them, then they become noise and aren’t helpful. That’s how people become bogged down and become poor communicators. But a little bit of setup in the right app can make all the difference in the world.

Facebook is a hugely popular tool that, I think, is so popular that it has almost become commoditized. It is almost assumed that someone will be on the social platform. This makes it a great place to find people and message but I think is decreasing its effectiveness to marketers. With that said, the messenger app for Facebook is super helpful. There are dynamic ways that you can communicate, including the standard text, video, audio and more. And they are starting to build in services like the ability to send money through the app.

My next communication app has a single purpose but it is pretty important. I communicate with a few people pretty regularly that live overseas so I use an app called WhatsApp. This lets me send a text, call, video chat and even leave messages to people anywhere in the world. Something that we, as American’s, don’t always think about is that some of our most popular services are blocked in other parts of the world. So sometimes you have to think outside the box to get what you need. Google isn't available everywhere!

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 which will encompass how I use my iPhone to be more productive. That one is going to be super fun!

I’d love to hear how you use your mobile phone to help you work. Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

-Jason Mudd, President of SocialMudd.com. Doing social media a little differently.

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