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-Countdown To Christmas-

-Countdown To Christmas-

Spark a little joy into your life with with this list of 24 things to do with your family and friends in December leading up to Christmas! 


Important Tip: Remember to tell your family and friends that they come first this holiday season. We often move so fast that we sometimes forget to say the words. Sure, actions speak louder than words but the words will lift up that person more than anything in the world.  


The List:


1)    Write letters to those that have impacted you in 2016.  

2)    Learn more about Saint Nicholas.

3)    Take a winter walk and bundle up. 

4)    Decorate a gingerbread house. 

5)    Make a donation to your favorite nonprofit. 

6)    Play a board game and listen to holiday music. 

7)    Try new cookie recipe.  

8)    Donate things you do not need to a shelter.  

9)    Get a coffee for someone sitting outside.  

10)     Leave encouraging notes on cars. 

11)     Send flowers to someone that needs to be uplifted.    

 12)     Send a GC to a single mom.  

13)     Create care packs for the homeless and distribute them.  

14)     Drop off food donations at local food banks. 

15)     Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Our furry friends need some love, too.  

16)     Create a vision board for 2017.  

17)     Cut out snowflakes. 

18)     Make hot chocolate. 

19)     Wrap gifts together. 

20)     Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

21)     Sing Christmas Carols.

22)     Draw a picture for Santa. 

23)     Watch your favorite Christmas movie. 

24)     Read T’Was the Night Before Christmas 


Merry Christmas!

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